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Rapunzel Me Affiliates  

Our affiliates can earn up to 8-15% on every successful sale processed through their customized link. Affiliates receive a customized sales link to track all purchases within 24hrs of their approved application. Silver and Gold affiliates receive a 30% discount on up to $600 worth of regular priced extensions a year. Platinum and above affiliates receive 50%. We handle the inventory, shipping, and customer service for all online purchases. Affiliates pay a monthly fee of $20 (silver/gold member) or $50 (platinum/diamond member) fee to remain active every month.


Benefits of Being an Affiliate of Rapunzel Me:

• Unlimited Income 

• exclusive access to our collections

• customized marketing material

• professional business cards 

• experienced sales support

• 8-15% commission on online orders 

• 50% commission on direct sale orders

•personal web link 

•marketing support and training 


How It Works

•Affiliates share their links on their personal social media sites, blogs, and videos.

• Customer clicks link, make purchase, affiliate receives commission.   

• Platinum Affiliates and higher can place an order directly from the company and resale to match our prices online.

• Authorized Dealers will get a percentage of sale derived from all online transactions processed via their customized Rapunzel Me link between 8-15%

• Affiliates will be billed monthly a fee depending upon affiliate level.

Silver/Gold $20

Platinum/Diamond $50 


Affiliate Packages ( affiliates can only join at silver and platinum levels )

Silver Affiliate Basic Package  $199 

•8% Commission Sale 10% Commission Retail 
•250 Official Rapunzel Me Affiliate Business Cards
•30% Discount Off Any Regular Priced Personal Order 
•1 Rapunzel Me T-shirt
•1 Exclusive Affiliate Link 
•Weekly Account Deposits 
•Affiliate Training 

::Once Silver Affiliate generates over $999 a month in income; their percentage increases. :: 

Gold Affiliate 

•10% Commission Sale 12% Commission Retail 
(Affiliate generates $1000 - $1500 income )

Platinum Affiliates Authorized Dealer Package $499

(Affiliate generates $1500 - $3000 income )
•10% Commission Sale 15% Commission Retail 
•$25 silver affiliate referral  $50 platinum referral
•250 Official Rapunzel Me Affiliate Business Cards
•25 Pre-order forms
•25 Pink Satin Bags
•25 Hair Care Pamphlets 
•Rapunzel Me T- Shirt
•3 Bundles under 26"
•50% off wholesale access


Diamond Affiliate 

•10% Commission Sale 15% Commission Retail 
• $1K Month Lifestyle Bonus 

(Affiliate generates over $3000 )


    Call us at (855) 803-9214 for more information or send an email to inquiries@getrapunzelled.com. 


    Affiliate FAQ

    Do I have to have a Paypal account?

    Yes, we have found this is the best way to get our affiliates their monies quickly and they provide free debit cards. Everyone wins!

    How do I pay my monthly fee?

    Once you are an approved Affiliate your monthly fee payments will start the follow month which will initiate your automatic payment plan. Your sign up date is your payment anniversary.  

    How / When do I get paid ?

    All affiliates are paid every Wednesday via Paypal direct transfer .

    Do you do a credit check ?


    Why do you need my Social Security Number ?

    We are required by law to produce a 1099 for all income paid to non-employees. Your social security number is needed to complete this form . 

    *The 1099-MISC Form is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax return document used to report miscellaneous payments made to non-employee individuals during the calendar year. 

    How do I cancel my membership ?

    Just send us an email info@getrapunzelled.com


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