Rapunzel Me - Virgin Hair Extensions

Rapunzel Me Virgin Hair Extensions ships orders using USPS.  For ground shipping within the United States we will charge a flat rate of $20. Express Shipment within the United States varies from location to location and will be billed accordingly. Once order is processed we require 7–10 business days for delivery, depending upon products destination.If you cancel your order before the 10th business day you forfeit your shipping cost. Your shipping is NON-refundable, NON-negotiable

Shipping confirmation and tracking is available via email as soon as your order ships. 


Every package we send has a USPS delivery confirmation number or UPS tracking number. This is
our proof of delivery. If your package is lost, and the carrier cannot give us confirmation of delivery, we will send you a replacement of your order at no cost to you. (If the carrier has proof of delivery, yet you say that you did not receive your package, you must file a claim directly with the carrier, using the delivery confirmation number we have provide to you). 


All Express Shipments are processed by 2pm est. Once an express shipment is placed please call to receive an Rapunzel Me Express Confirmation Code (RMECC). If You Do NOT Call we do not guarantee your shipment.

Rapunzel Me is not responsible for any fees (custom fees or taxes) associated with your shipment upon delivery. 

We do not refund shipping charges for orders returned.


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